Knowledge of command line Git. Prefer using the Visual Studio Team GUI. Using Git-legit.


Proficient in .NET Core and .NET Framework. Experienced with ASP.NET and Entity Framework.




Experience using the Angular framework.

Basic web development

Experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

SQL Server

Experienced in writing SQL query's and basic experience in database design.



Software Engineer

Het NIC AP-Discovery

July 2018 – Present Eindhoven
Working on .NET web applications

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Loading JSON files into the game with versioning.

Within my analysis of Dishonored 2, I noted the importance of the quick save/load system. It was essential in making the experience feel good and make mistakes feel not as bad as it may seem.

Because of this, I've decided I want to implement the quick saving and loading within the asset pack.

The following is an UML Design of the set in place system.

UML Design Diagram

To document the asset pack in a way that developers can work with it, a tool is needed that is able to generate a static website with documentation. This documentation will be custom written. The following document will go over the decision of what tool to use. Requirements To find the correct tool for the job, I've decided to first set requirements. These requirements are ranked with the most important requirement coming first.

Around the time of writing this, the game called Untitled Goose Game (UGG) was released for Nintendo Switch and the Epic Games’ store not too long ago. The title is a great success on both platforms and has taken the world by storm, managing to be the best selling game on the Nintendo Switch's online store and getting into pop/nerd culture. Core gameplay loop In UGG, the player is presented a task list that they have to complete.

Visual UML Diagram


Working fun, intuitive and fair systems into a stealth game.

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