Dishonored 2 analysis

The following document contains the notes I've made while playing Dishonored 2. Keep in mind these notes are just my thoughts while going through the game.

Easy patterns to understand:

  • Most guards stay stationary until they are alerted.
  • When alerted they walk in easy straight paths and only alert guards around them.

The city is in constant chaos so death and sounds are not unknown to the area. This makes it so when you get spotted by a few guards, it doesn't alert everyone. This feels natural and does flow nicely with the gameplay.

Dishonored's powers nearly let you cheat its own system and it's a satisfying feeling. Zooming back and forward using the blink ability to pass by guards in a “don't mind me” style is very satisfying.

The guards give clear vocal queues when they are alerted and about what state they are in. The robotic guards are the best example of this. They basically execute a text to speach style of command that indicates the state they are in.

Clockwork Soldiers’ voice lines

“Playback for detection: registered.”

“Okay, the machine has detected - something…”

“Idling. Commence lens refocus.”

“Still idling. Take this opportunity to backcharge second coil.”

“The machine should begin searching the vicinity.”

“When this plays, search is underway.”

This makes it super clear what the robot is doing at any time without asking for the player to think and make decisions. This also doesn't feel out of place as they are robots and the voice that plays is the voice from the creator of the robots.

Quick saves and quick loads are super fast to allow for a good gameplay flow even if a person is caught.

Using secondary objectives and collectables that improves your skills is rewarding. These challenges require you to explore the area, think out of the box and if you want to keep your neutral rating, it requires you to not kill all the guards.

Bart de Bever
Software Engineer

Student who is inspired by web applications and passion projects for gaming.