Stealth AI

Personal project to create a stealth focussed asset pack.

Reading guide would be perfect here.


The main question asked for research is:

How do I design and make a reusable pack of assets:

Operators that could support this question are:

  • Is the documentation sufficient?
  • Can developers implement their own systems into the assets?
  • Are the assets fun for the player?
  • Is the difficulty adjustable enough


Now the movement system has been analysed, designed and implemented, lets look at the next logical step in stealth gameplay: Detection. …

Within the Guard AI analysis document there is a piece on how player will observe and assume a guards movement pattern based on the …

The following document focusses on the design of the reusable asset pack and how this was iterated with feedback from peers to become …

Within this document there will be an analysis about how a generic asset pack can be created to satisfy the design challenge set in the …

The following document contains the notes I've made while playing Dishonored 2. Keep in mind these notes are just my thoughts while …

A decently high level overview of the stealth AI system to be used.

A document detailing the design of the Stealth AI project.

An simple analysis of guard AI in existing games.